Bob Thorpe form Holmfirth Country Market
South Yorkshire Country Market Society

“My wife, Ann, and I joined Country Markets as a shared hobby after busy working lives in London; we have been members for 11 years. I had to learn about baking, especially pastry and gradually got better at it. Ann is an excellent cook and helped teach me, but nowadays we bake very differently. She always follows the recipe and I don’t! I like to experiment and think I’m more inventive because of it. It has resulted in some tasty ideas, particularly my delicious preserves.


My Plum and Prune Jam and ‘Alan’s Marmalade’ – made with satsumas, grapefruit, lemons and ginger and named after my dad because he loved ginger so much, are always in demand. Lots of people sing the praises of my ‘Choir Chutney’. I had a friend in Huddersfield Choral Society who asked for a chutney to give out as Christmas presents, so I decided to create a ‘concerto of flavour’. I put in plums for the tenors, prunes for the bass, clementines for the sopranos, oranges for the contraltos as well as curry powder because the Choir are hot stuff! The recipe didn’t work out that well at first but I re-jigged some of the ingredients and now everyone sings its praises.

Once upon a time our allotment used to serve all our cooking needs, but over the years demand for more pies and jams means it must be supplemented, which is a pity as it would be nice to produce everything myself. Most of all, I get great satisfaction when I sell things, even more so when someone comes back to buy again – it means they must like it!”


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