Our Inspirational Cooks

If you asked each Cook why they joined Country Markets they would all have a slightly different reason. Many join because they just love cooking and being a member of Country Markets gives them the opportunity to share their passion for good food. Others have their own speciality dish which they love sharing with appreciative customers; some simply want to contribute highly valued knowledge and talent to their local community, particularly as traditional cooking skills are once again being recognised as very important for the future ‘health of the nation’, and then there are those cooks seeking to build a home-based business. Above all, being a Country Markets Cook offers you the opportunity to contribute to the growing interest in high quality, homemade, wholesome food.

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Our Delicious Homemade Products

Our Cooks sell their delicious products in local community stores, village and farm shops and garden centres around the country. All Country Markets products are freshly prepared by our Cooks in their own kitchens. They are produced with great care and to the highest standard using traditional skills – often with home grown produce and locally sourced ingredients. Each Cook has a unique repertoire of recipes which creates a wide range of delicious foods regularly supplied to our network of retailers. As well as giving you tempting foods to choose from, it means the reassurance of buying real food made by real people you can trust and buying local means you are supporting businesses and people in your community.

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Our Homemade Food

Six reasons why Country Markets food is so delicious:

  • Homemade by real people in their kitchens
  • Fresh, tasty and wholesome
  • Often made with seasonal, garden grown and locally produced ingredients
  • Skilfully made by inspirational cooks
  • Excellent value for money
  • High quality food you can absolutely trust

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