Become a Country Markets Cook

Traditional cooking skills are once again being recognised as important for the future 'health of the nation'. Being a Country Markets Member Cook offers you the opportunity to contribute to the growing interest in homemade food and to earn an income from the sale of your own products.

Many Cooks enjoy making their own speciality dishes, which they share with their appreciative customers. Our Cooks all comment on the great feeling they get when a shopper expresses how much they have enjoyed one of their products and when they come back for more. It’s also important too for a customer to know who made it.

Our Cooks often fit their cooking around other family or work commitments – and working arrangements in the local Country Market groups are flexible and co-operative. The money earned is often an important contribution to family income and being a Country Markets Cook brings other much-valued benefits of friendship and a sense of belonging to a sociable, supportive organisation working at the very heart of the local community.

All Country All Country Markets Cooks hold a Food Hygiene Certificate and are protected by Product and Public Liability Insurance. New Member Cooks are supported by experienced members and benefit from guidelines and advice about producing food products for public sale. As a cook you will have access to exciting marketing tools: a personalised product labelling programme, a producer toolkit and an exclusive Cook's area behind this attractive and interesting website. All of this has been developed to support your cooking and the successful sale of your products in your local outlet.

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Join The Cooks of Country Markets

Join The Cooks of Country Markets


Become a Country Markets Retailer

As a local community or independent shop, farm shop or garden centre, stocking The Cooks of Country Markets products offers you the opportunity to sell delicious, tasty, genuinely homemade food that is locally produced and supported by a nationwide programme of marketing and support activity.

Importantly, you deal directly with the Cooks, creating a personal and a rewarding experience as well as enabling flexibility of supply. Orders, large or small, can be arranged to suit both parties and can often be fulfilled at short notice by our Cooks.

Alongside the support we give to our Cooks for their marketing, Country Markets offers retailers in-store promotional merchandising materials and a ‘find a retailer’ search tool on this website that enables shoppers to find your store.

Your business will benefit from supporting a local initiative and keeping money in the local economy. And, as we have found with the retailers that already stock our products, your customers will come back to your store again and again to buy Cooks of Country Markets products.

It’s a rewarding relationship, one that comes with the reassurance of dealing with a highly respected, long-standing organisation.

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Join The Cooks of Country Markets


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